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Through the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) parents and teachers become partners in strengthening out school. A sample of the programs and activities we sponsor include:

  • At-home reading program
  • School enrichment programs/cultural programs
  • Family Fun nights
  • Book fairs
  • Assistance for classrooms needs, including library, music, physical education

Our PTO is a joint team supporting both Pond Hill and E.C. Stevens Schools. The meetings are usually held on the second Wednesday of the month. All PTO meetings are open to parents, teachers and staff who would like to attend. We invite all parents and teachers to join our organization and to be actively involved in PTO activities and decision making. Meeting dates and locations as well as other details can be obtained on the PTO blog webpage.

The Parent Teacher Advisory Council (PTAC) is made up of 6 people, three are teachers and three are parents. The principal is the non-voting member of the council. The PTAC meets every other month. Agenda items may be submitted by any parent or teacher. The PTAC's purpose is to council the principal regarding all matters related to the operation of the school with the exception of those matters such as personnel performance which are relegated by statute exclusively to administrative personnel. The PTAC meetings take place in the Pond Hill School Library Media Center.


2017-2018 PTAC Minutes

December 6, 2017